Transforming CAD files into high-quality, searchable, shareable assets

Adlib converts corporate assets, including CAD files, into high-fidelity, searchable PDFs. Unlike other CAD-to-PDF converters that flatten the file while converting to PDF, the Adlib CAD Module maintains file integrity by preserving the layers encoded in the original CAD file—allowing recipients to view all the information, not just bits and pieces. Adlib allows users to convert virtually any CAD file to PDF and specify the drawing view (Model or Paper Space) and layers to make visible in the PDF.

Ideal for:

  • Architecture, engineering, energy, construction, and other organizations who deal with complex CAD files on a regular basis.
  • Those who are looking for ways to view and share CAD files more effectively, both with internal and external stakeholders.
  • Systems integrators who wish to provide solutions to customers in the design, engineering, energy, and architectural industries (among others) to help them more efficiently share CAD designs across the organization and beyond. To partner with Adlib, join Adlib’s Partner Plus Program.

Datasheet: Adlib PDF CAD Module

Reduce costly CAD authoring application and 3rd party viewers by converting CAD files to PDF for collaboration with Adlib.

Best Practices

  • Share designs without requiring recipients to have original CAD authoring applications or other third-party viewers and their associated licensing costs.
  • Improve search capabilities with text-searchable metadata so users can quickly and easily find designs.
  • Assemble CAD designs and other critical business information together to enable improved presentations, design approval processes, and more.


  • Advanced PDF Enhancements: Improve documents with the application of enhancements, including watermarks, headers/footers, document metadata, stamping, and security.
  • Support for multiple formats: Convert virtually limitless types of CAD formats to PDF.
  • Adjustable settings: Specify the drawing view (Model or Paper Space) represented in the resulting PDF.

Use Cases

  • Enhancing Engineering Efficiency
    Enhancing Engineering Efficiency
  • Powering Better Information Access
    Powering Better Information Access
  • Automated Internal Document Processing of Engineering Files
    Automated Internal Document Processing of Engineering Files
Enhancing Engineering Efficiency
Learn how this oil and gas company increased access to CAD schematics for workers in the field and in the office.
Powering Better Information Access
Hear how this energy company converted documents to PDF to provide better access for corporate users, field technicians and regulatory bodies.
Automated Internal Document Processing of Engineering Files
Learn how a leader in power and automation technologies leveraged Adlib to convert millions of engineering product documents to high-fidelity PDF.

Find a CAD Standardization and Collaboration Solution

Looking to explore solutions that allow you to retain the integrity of CAD designs while meeting collaboration and other business goals? Adlib has partnered with some of the top integrators in the world to develop solutions which enable organizations to convert CAD drawings into high-quality, searchable, shareable assets.

Click below to find a CAD solution that will work for you.


Leveraging PDF technology, BlueCielo helps Life Sciences and Energy organizations to capture and control critical engineering data, bringing it into the content management mainstream to harness its power for the business.


Leveraging Adlib PDF, Meticulous Data Works delivers a complete range of technical services for Oracle Agile PLM customers.

Additional Information on CAD-to-PDF Standardization

CAD Collaboration: Advanced Rendering to the Rescue

It can be difficult to share CAD files both internally and externally due to a number of factors, including large file sizes and the need for native authoring applications. By converting CAD files to PDF format, users are able to facilitate sharing and collaboration with internal and external stakeholders, eliminating the need for costly software licenses for users who only need to view the file, not edit it. However, not all PDFs retain the integrity of the CAD file or preserve all of the layers. Watch this short on-demand webinar and product demo to learn how using Advanced Rendering technology to transform CAD files to high-fidelity PDFs can enable sharing and collaboration across the organization and reduce software costs. Advanced Rendering retains the layers in CAD files, in addition to allowing users to merge CAD files with other file formats to create a comprehensive package.

What is the benefit of having an enterprise-wide CAD-to-PDF conversion tool? Watch this video with industry experts to learn more.

CAD-to-PDF Conversion on an Enterprise Level

Learn about the new file types we support, and how converting your DWG files to PDF can help enable sharing and collaboration across your organization.

Adlib's New CAD Module

Progressive Classification™: Achieving Intelligent Information Governance and Content Clarity

Progressive Classification™: Achieving Intelligent Information Governance and Content Clarity
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