Tightly Integrated Document Conversion as a Shared Service for OpenText and Beyond

Adlib is the gold standard for delivering enterprise-grade document conversion capabilities to Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems including OpenText. The Adlib platform is optimized for high-volume environments that require scalable and highly-available document-to-PDF conversion, high accuracy data extraction, advanced OCR, and superior content transformation services.

For organizations in tightly regulated industries such as Life Sciences, Financial Services and Energy, rendering accuracy and functionality are crucial for meeting regulatory compliance requirements

Integrating Document Conversion with Enterprise Content Management Systems

If you’re an OpenText customer and you want to leverage advanced content services across multiple ECMs (including EMC Documentum and Microsoft SharePoint) as well as CRM, ERP, or other business systems – Adlib offers a centralized approach that enables global companies to deliver comprehensive services to users and systems, while minimizing IT costs.

Check out the table below to learn more about what Adlib Enterprise can do to enhance the value you get out of OpenText.

OpenText OpenText+
Adlib Enterprise
Input Formats 300+ 300+
CAD Yes Yes
Output Enhancements Elite Breadth of Capabilities Elite Breadth of Capabilities
PDF/A1 Yes Yes
PDF/A2; PDF/A3 No Yes
PDF/E Yes No
Connectors Integrations + Use of EMC Toolkits Integrations + Flexible Adlib Toolkit
Audit Trails No Yes
Zero Job Loss No Yes
Failover – High Availability No Yes
Input Formats 300+
Output Enhancements Elite Breadth of Capabilities
PDF/A1 Yes
Connectors Integrations + Use of EMC Toolkits
Audit Trails No
Zero Job Loss No
Failover – High Availability No
OpenText+ Adlib Enterprise
Input Formats 300+
Output Enhancements Elite Breadth of Capabilities
PDF/A1 Yes
PDF/A2; PDF/A3 Yes
Connectors Integrations + Flexible Adlib Toolkit
Audit Trails Yes
Zero Job Loss Yes
Failover – High Availability Yes

Shared Services with Adlib Enterprise

Learn how document conversion, when deployed through a Shared Services model, can add value to multiple business systems and strategies.

Why Use Adlib’s Document Conversion Technology?
Imagine automating rendering across your entire enterprise – with 100% accuracy – meeting all compliance standards and following all security protocols. Sound too good to be true? It’s not. Here are some key benefits of using Adlib’s document conversion technology as a shared service in OpenText:
Convert 300+ File Types To PDF

Convert Microsoft® Office®, Microsoft® Visio®, Lotus Notes®, CAD drawings, images, faxes, scans, emails, maps, forms, charts, and more, preserving links, text effects and smart art.

Enhance Your Search Capabilities

Convert graphic files—including JPG, TIFF, Vector files, CAD drawings, images, and charts—into fully text-searchable PDFs using advanced optical character recognition (OCR).

Assemble Documents Intelligently

Automatically merge multiple documents for streamlined collaboration, adding tables of contents, headers/footers, watermarks, active hyperlinks, digital signatures and security settings.

Automate Your Compliance Needs

Meet multiple industry and government regulations, including FDA 21 CFR Part 11, HIPAA, GDPR, Dodd-Frank, GLBA, FINRA, and many more, through sophisticated PDF enhancements.

Preserve Content for the Long-Term

Preserve your digital content indefinitely with automated conversion to PDF/A for consistent access and archiving that reduces the dependency on individuals for manual archiving functions.

Extend Across Multiple Systems

Use with multiple departments, line-of-business (LOB) systems (such as Microsoft Exchange, CRM, and ERP), and other ECMs, improving critical business processes across the enterprise.

Success Stories

Insurance company tames their current onslaught of messages by implementing a smart solution that integrates with SharePoint and OpenText and is designed to grow with their needs.

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International insurance organization connects multiple systems to free their dark data by bringing it into the light with Adlib Enterprise.

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US-based insurance company consolidates rendering across multiple existing systems and document repositories, capitalizing on the benefits of a smooth integration.

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Risk management organization brings automation into their process to create high-quality PDFs by integrating Adlib with OpenText.

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