Enterprises can now unlock true end-to-end process automation by leveraging Adlib’s data extraction, enrichment, and automation capabilities in Blue Prism’s connected-RPA platform. By adding the critical skills of Visual Perception and Knowledge & Insight to Blue Prism’s connected-RPA platform, Adlib provides complete visibility into unstructured content across various file shares—for bigger business insights and complete process automation.
Supercharge Blue Prism with Adlib Elevate™
Scale RPA & Drive True End-to-End Process Automation

Accelerate customer response times, glean data-driven business insights, identify and protect high-risk information, and more.

Leverage cognitive RPAand extract greater intelligence from information-intensive processes. Transform data trapped in complex documents to fuel the RPA engine and drive complete automation.

Hypercharge the Blue Prism RPA with proven machine learning (ML) algorithms or create your own custom ML models.

Utilize OCR, AI & ML to surface + extract valuable data locked in emails, invoices, contracts, CAD drawings, policies, and more.

Optimize data migration and consolidation projects. Cloud migration and infrastructure consolidation initiatives are delivered faster and with higher quality.

Safeguard sensitive information and maintain PII security compliance by revealing potential vulnerabilities—no matter where they are stored.

Drive data transparency across the organization for improved data governance, audit reporting, and retention compliance.

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