Enhancing SaaS Deployments with Advanced Rendering

Partners that are looking to enhance their SaaS solutions by adding Advanced Rendering capabilities—unparalleled metadata-driven, document-to-PDF conversion plus enterprise-grade architecture enabling unlimited scalability—can do so by integrating Adlib PDF technology into their existing systems through the Web Services API.

Our API framework gives you access to a one-stop, best-of-breed document transformation technology for high-fidelity document-to-PDF conversion. Combined with many other functions, such as OCR, CAD, compression and advanced publication functionality in one engine, our approach allows you to meet customer requirements, offer more value and reduce costs by consolidating vendors.

Intended for developers who need the best PDF technology in their SaaS product, the Adlib SaaS model allows you to build superior rendering functionality quickly and easily into your offering.

Adlib’s SaaS model supports flexible partner pricing, scaling by time, volume and use, based on your customers’ unique needs.

Are you an Application Service Provider or a Service Bureau? Please ask us about our Adlib PDF SaaS product and available licensing programs.

Brochure: Adlib Partner Program Overview

Learn how Adlib helps Technology Partners, Channel Business Partners and Technology Alliances to deliver Advanced Rendering integrations to customers.

Best Practices

  • Offering a great degree of flexibility for PDF Rendition request integrations, your software can make PDF job requests via Web Services or through one of our many connectors, including: Folder Connectors (UNC path) or built-in connectors (Documentum, SharePoint, etc.).
  • Providing advanced management capabilities such as centralized health monitoring, reporting, and troubleshooting to help you detect issues that can cause job failure, and allowing you to take action before negative events can impact the business.
  • Performance oriented massive scalability and load balancing, in line with demand, with no business interruption.


  • High-fidelity Conversion & Publishing of hundreds of file types, including images, faxes, scans, emails, maps, forms, charts and other types of content.
  • High Quality modules to enhance Advanced Rendering capabilities, such as:
    • Advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR), providing intelligent, industry-leading image recognition technology to convert images accurately into high-quality PDF format
    • Extensive CAD capabilities, allowing organizations to retain design integrity as they convert designs into a standardized PDF format, for easy collaboration with internal and external stakeholders.
    • Enhanced compression capabilities with the Adlib Compression Module, allowing you and your customers to save 60% or more in digital storage costs and space and accelerate information transfer.
  • Adlib’s intelligent metadata rules engine, for metadata-driven logic, creates more efficient workflows. Document metadata and pre-defined business rules are used to determine the transformation instructions used to process a document, such as merging, applying enhancements and assigning priorities.

Find a SaaS-Based Solution

Looking to explore solutions which can be deployed with a SaaS model? Adlib has partnered with some of the top integrators in the world and jointly developed solutions which integrate to enhance content management processes in a SaaS delivery model. Click below to find a solution that will work for you.


Leveraging Advanced Rendering technology with Adlib, e-SubmissionsSolutions manages the electronic document management and submission publishing needs of Life Sciences organizations.


Leveraging Adlib’s Advanced Rendering platform, RegDocs enables Life Sciences companies to successfully complete in-house regulatory submissions and clinical trial content.


Adlib and Solabs deliver an integrated solution to Life Sciences organizations looking to streamline document control and approval processes.

Learn how Adlib helps Technology Partners, Channel Business Partners and Technology Alliances to deliver Advanced Rendering integrations to customers.
Learn how the Adlib Partner Plus (APP) program delivers superior benefits to Channel Business Partners integrating Advanced Rendering technology for customers.
Learn how Adlib helps organizations to extract data, classify business information, manage the document lifecycle, and preserve content for the long term – creating digital assets that can be shared effectively with all stakeholders.
Providing organizations with choice and flexibility by delivering Advanced Rendering in a cloud-based model.