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Improve Customer Experience

Speed up new client
on-boarding and claim
processing by up to 95%.



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Manual Claims Processing


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Customer Response SLAs


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Compliance & Risk Management



Helping insurance customers automate claims & policy processing to improve customer experience.



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reduction in content volume due to duplication



data capture accuracy

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faster claims & policy processing


Property & Casualty Insurer decreases customer response time from 48 hours to under 1 hour



A national P&C insurer relied on manual efforts to:

  • Scan thousands of claims per week
  • Convert the scanned documents to multiple formats
  • Distribute digital files within the company’s Enterprise Content Management system


Adlib’s automation helped the insurer:

  • Reduce claim processing time by 30x per document
  • Eliminate manual effort to convert files to various formats
  • Improve customer response time from 48 hours to 1 hour


"The way we used to process P&C claims was to scan each document, convert it to an HTML first and then to PDF. We process ~50,000 claims per week, and it used to take us 20-30 minutes per claim, which delayed our response time to a minimum of 48 hours. Now with Adlib, we process each claim in less than 30 seconds! Which means we can respond to customers within an hour!"

- Team Lead, Claims Processing


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Enabling quality and risk-free Enterprise Document Repositories for global Insurers.

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Compliance with internal policies

Faster disaster recovery response

Process & data standardization

Long-term archival conformity


National insurance provider automates data capture and document processing with Adlib,
and recovers $100M in annual revenue.



Due to manual processes, an insurance conglomerate experienced:

  • ~1000 daily delays and stoppages in data capture
  • Growing operational costs and $100M in lost revenue
  • Poor auditability, archival and data quality


Adlib Transform platform helped:

  • Process 12k of daily claims from multiple mailboxes
  • Store audit-ready files in SharePoint and OpenText
  • Reduce annual ops costs by $2M and recover $100M in new revenue opportunity


"Our department manages multiple Exchange inboxes that receive ~12,000 claims and new client policies daily. My team used to review each document manually and save them in OpenText and SharePoint for processing. We faced various data entry errors and other processing delays, which prevent us from responding to customers within the company SLAs.

Now, Adlib is integrated with all incoming mailboxes and captures new documents as they arrive, processing them and saving them in our OpenText and SharePoint systems. Adlib’s automation gave us a huge boost in response times and allows our business to onboard new customers and process claims much faster, as a result recovering $100M in new revenue!"

- Operations Manager


Our Document Transformation Experts are ready to walk you through how you can digitize your operations and boost customer satisfaction.

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