How to Make Intelligent Decisions Faster with AI-Powered Content Intelligence

April 8, 2021 at 10:00AM EST / 3:00PM GMT

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Enterprises that make the right decisions at the right time succeed.

Enterprises succeed or fail based on the speed and quality of their decisions. Whether the goal is revenue growth, risk mitigation, cost reduction, a competitive edge or all the above, the best decisions are the ones backed by intelligent data.

By the end of 2021, enterprises will experience an 8x increase in data generated — and 80% of that will be locked in unstructured documents. Given the rising volume and complexity of data combined with increased costs and pressure to do more with less, many organizations find themselves struggling to gain the competitive digital edge.

Content Intelligence is the secret weapon to deal with the demands for data and automation that maximize the human potential of your company resources. AI powered automation can streamline workflows, locate risk, curate insights and drive productivity to help enterprises unlock new data-driven insights that create game-changing outcomes.

Adlib’s Content Intelligence platform utilizes the latest innovations to give every organization the ability to deal with the most complex document challenges – like contract analytics. Adlib can simplify and accelerate contract review, risk identification and remediation for all data buried in contracts, documents and agreements allowing enterprises to differentiate themselves with intelligent data.

Join Scott Mackey, Founder and SVP, Market Strategy, Jason Mitrow, Sr. Director, Product Marketing and Marc Fuentes, Sr. Director, Marketing to:

  1. Discover how content intelligence is enabling improved business velocity, risk mitigation, and financial and business outcomes in commercial engagements.
  2. Learn how advanced contract analytics can improve profitability, manage risk and simplify management.
  3. Discover how data-driven insights gained from contract analytics can benefit teams across the enterprise
  4. Understand how contract analytics can improve revenue streams through contract performance analysis and opportunity identification (post-execution analytics and reporting focused on risk, performance and compliance management)
  5. Learn how Discovery and Analysis of documents and contracts can:
    • Determine the presence or absence of specific contract language to eliminate manual effort
    • Find and act on specific clauses to manage risk
    • Compare differences in documents to accelerate review
    • Detect valid signatures to ensure completeness and validity

As your enterprise looks at every possible opportunity to save money, improve margins, reduce costs and mitigate risk; Adlib’s Artificial Intelligence-powered Content Intelligence holds the key. 

Adlib Scott Mackey Headshot

Scott Mackey
Founder and SVP Market Strategy

As a founder and SVP of Market Strategy at Adlib, Scott has over 20 years of experience in content management and digital transformation including contract analytics, data capture, content management and file analytics. Scott regularly engages industry analysts, Adlib's customers and partners to analyze and assess trends in the content, data and automation space, and stays up to speed on industry best practices by attending and being a featured speaker at global industry events.
Adlib Jason Mitrow Headshot

Jason Mitrow
Sr. Director, Product Strategy

As Sr. Director of Product Strategy at Adlib, Jason has spent over 15 years working in content management, covering various elements of the industry including capture, archival, storage, document and records management. Jason comes from a multidisciplinary background with experience working in software programming, professional services, and strategic development. Jason is a featured speaker at many industry and trade events, and he holds degrees in Computer Programming as well as Animation from Algonquin College.
Adlib Marc Fuentes Headshot

Marc Fuentes
Sr. Director Growth Marketing

Marc is the Senior Director, Growth Marketing at Adlib. Marc has spent 20 years in Marketing, Innovation and Sales Enablement leadership roles in Service, Software and SaaS markets spanning, Telecommunications, Software, Business Process Outsourcing, Logistics, Global Trade Consulting and Content Intelligence. He has revolutionized some of North America’s leading Brands, launching over 65 products, and led 5+professionals to more progressive roles. Marc holds Bachelor of Commerce from Ryerson University.

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