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It’s Time! Let’s Optimize Document Management

Optimizing enterprise-wide document management is a realistic and achievable goal. So achievable that many organizations think they have already mastered it by simply using an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system or other repository when it fact they are simply making do with sub-optimal processes.

Enhancing the document lifecycle through its 4 key stages—content capture, management, delivery and archive—is simply the best way to reduce chaos and streamline document management, for a department or an entire organization, and can be achieved with Advanced Rendering.

Enterprise-grade Advanced Rendering enhances each stage of the document lifecycle:

  • Capture – automates and centralizes content capture, including digital and image files, within existing ECM systems, workflow tools, PLM software or other repositories
  • Manage – automates conversion of content into PDFs that are 100% accurate, consistent, and fully searchable, including images, emails, attachments and files from other sources
  • Deliver – meets all output standards including corporate, industry and regulatory compliance requirements and ensures delivery across all mediums including mobile, tablet, desktop or web browser
  • Archive - ensures all content, regardless of source, remains accessible in 10, 20, or even 100 years and meets archival standards such as PDF/A

It’s time to optimize document management. Learn more now.

The 4 Stages of the Document Lifecycle: Steps to Document Management Success

Advanced Rendering technology automates document-to-PDF conversion and:

  • Converts over 400 file formats—including images—to high-fidelity PDF
  • Automatically meets government, industry or corporate compliance regulations
  • Enables internal and external stakeholders to improve collaboration without worrying about proprietary file viewers
  • Archives content for long-term retention
  • Makes previously unsearchable documents and images text-searchable using enhanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology
  • Works within existing Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems, PLM software, workflow tools or other repositories.
Learn how enterprise-grade document-to-PDF conversion software can enhance each of the 4 stages of the document lifecycle in this white paper.
Learn how you can capture your content more effectively as the critical first step in healthy document management and sets the organization up well for the stages that follow.
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