DWG to PDF Conversion

Convert most CAD files to searchable PDFs: DWG, AutoCAD, DXF, and more.

The complexity of CAD systems requires the use of special authoring applications and viewers. When preparing quotes, RFPs, and contracts, it is essential to convert these files into a software-agnostic file format, like PDF, that can be easily accessed from multiple platforms.

Adlib allows you to batch convert DWG files into a single PDF that can be used for collaboration, sharing, distribution, and storage across many devices and platforms. This can be accomplished without original CAD authoring apps such as AutoCAD, and without paying licensing costs for other third-party viewers.

Supported File Types File Extension
AutoCAD Interchange DXF
AutoCAD Native Drawing DWG
AutoDesk Inventor DWG, IDW*
Bentley Microstation DGN
Pro/Engineer DRW
SolidWorks 2D SLDDRW
*Requires Autodesk Inventor or Autodesk Inventor View installed

Datasheet: Adlib PDF CAD Module

Reduce costly CAD authoring application and 3rd party viewers by converting CAD files to PDF for collaboration with Adlib.

Highlights of the Adlib DWG to PDF conversion capabilities

  • Share designs without requiring others to have costly CAD authoring applications or third-party viewers and their associated licensing costs
  • Improve search capabilities with text-searchable metadata, making it easier for users to find designs
  • Deliver a single PDF combining DWG files along with Microsoft Office documents and 400+ other file types

High-resolution conversion for CAD & AutoCAD formats including DWG & DXF

  • Specify the drawing view (Model or Paper Space) represented in the resulting PDF
  • Preserve DWG layers as PDF layers, both visible and invisible, so users can focus on the relevant details of complex designs while maintaining CAD integrity
  • Apply advanced PDF enhancements including watermarks, headers/footers, document metadata, stamping, and security
  • Convert virtually any CAD format to PDF

Adlib's New CAD Module

Learn about the new file types we support, and how converting your DWG files to PDF can help enable sharing and collaboration across your organization.

Bringing in automation and fidelity

Organizations whose business-critical documents are DWG files need software that can automate the conversion of DWG files to PDF and ensure 100 percent fidelity—including all the layers those files contain. Adlib PDF can be integrated into existing business systems—from Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems to Workflow tools to Product Lifecycle Management software—in order to automatically convert DWG files to PDFs and deliver the files to the end user or document repository. Many save-to-PDF programs flatten or lose design layers when rendering a DWG file to PDF, changing the output content. Adlib’s solution allows the user to specify which layers to make visible or invisible in the PDF rendition, ensuring 100 percent fidelity compared to the original DWG file.

More than just DWG to PDF conversion

Adlib PDF converts more than just DWG files to PDF. There are many different kinds of CAD software, not all of which are supported as inputs by rendering programs. The leading CAD software file types—including SolidWorks, AutoCAD, and CATIA—are supported by Adlib. Adlib also includes support for CTB files (which are used to attach color and display settings to design objects). Additionally, Adlib’s Professional Services team can help address niche format requirements as needed.

Additional Information on DWG-to-PDF Standardization

It can be difficult to share CAD files both internally and externally due to a number of factors, including large file sizes and the need for native authoring applications. By converting CAD files to PDF format, users are able to facilitate sharing and collaboration with internal and external stakeholders, eliminating the need for costly software licenses for users who only need to view the file, not edit it. However, not all PDFs retain the integrity of the CAD file or preserve all of the layers. Watch this short on-demand webinar and product demo to learn how using Advanced Rendering technology to transform CAD files to high-fidelity PDFs can enable sharing and collaboration across the organization and reduce software costs. Advanced Rendering retains the layers in CAD files, in addition to allowing users to merge CAD files with other file formats to create a comprehensive package.
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