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Upgrading Your Platform

Our goal is to always give you valuable new capabilities, improved performance, flexible configuration options, and peace of mind. Upgrading your Adlib platform means you get the tried-and-true PDF, OCR, and publishing capabilities you know and trust, with access to the latest and greatest innovations, including:

  • Advanced Conversion & OCR
  • AI-Assisted Classification & Extraction
  • Additional Workflow Options
  • New Integration Options & User-Friendly Interfaces
  • Deeper Views into Your Platform Performance

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Highlights of Our Newest Release

To learn more about the benefits of upgrading your Adlib platform, download the datasheet.


Data Discovery

Filter trivial, obsolete & duplicate documents to reveal high-value data.

Address problems across multiple lines of business where content is sitting in disparate locations (fileshares, legacy systems, email, etc.). Discover, filter, and clean up your content before feeding it into downstream processes.

Document Classification

Deploy AI Models to classify and label documents with less effort.

Utilize AI innovations and eliminate the need to tag content with relevant metadata manually. Allow end users to find content more easily. Perform tasks and make decisions faster.

Data Extraction

Search & extract attribute data from highly unstructured content.

Adlib has always been able to take any document and convert it into a PDF. Now we can help you go a step further. Configure Adlib to find and extract key data from documents vs. doing so manually. Use the extracted data to enrich metadata and feed analytics and process automation tools.


Easily augment AI models to improve model accuracy.

Leverage a user interface for the front-office workers who will be tasked with verifying results for lower confidence jobs. Work with us to resolve and further train the system to deal with exceptions and improve.


Compare documents, detect signatures & strikethroughs & redact sensitive data.

Enjoy additional workflow options that allow you to find differences between documents and a “gold” template. Find signatures and strikethroughs in documents automatically vs. manually.


Connect to BluePrism, SharePoint, Box, Google Drive, Salesforce & More.

Utilize new integrations not previously available. Reduce deployment time and cost with pre-configured connectors.


Simplify system management and gain increased visibility and control.

Leverage more user-friendly interfaces and deeper views into the jobs flowing through the platforms. Ensure maximum uptime and optimal SLAs with users.

Enjoy Scalable Licensing

With new document-based licensing (vs. server), you can deploy as much Adlib technology as you want. Quickly execute on projects without a painful and costly licensing and procurement process.