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Setting a Digital Metamorphosis into Motion 

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If you were a fly on the wall of a banking conference, you would likely hear murmurings among executives of how they are under pressure to deliver a trusted but vastly improved customer experience that is digital, online, and instant. On top of trying to outperform the competition, banks also have risks to manage and regulations to contend with.

Challenges Facing Banks

COVID-19 has further catalyzed the need to be an agile, digital bank. There has been an increase in cyber fraud due to the volume of electronic transactions. During the pandemic, companies have also taken heavily controlled employees and processes out of secure buildings and scattered them throughout a region. Banks are dealing with issues from all sides as they endeavor to become digital.

Solution Intelligent Document Automation Powered by Content Intelligence

Opportunity Amidst Chaos
Through Contract Analytics and AI technologies, Content Intelligence can help banks manage risks and automate manual tasks. It also enables leaders to move beyond automation to uncover new value for their companies and customers—freeing up knowledge workers to perform higher-value tasks that require a human touch.

Benefits of Becoming a Digital Bank:

  • Deliver a superior customer experience that’s fast, digital, personalized, and secure.
  • Manage risk by controlling PII to comply with GDPR, CCPA, and other emerging regulations.
  • Provide front-office workers with more in-depth, more relevant information to anticipate what their customers might need down the road.

Accelerate Time to Market with Adlib

In the face of unstructured data, digital transformation feels like a mirage in the desert, a place that’s always out of reach. With the right Content Intelligence solution, enterprises can reach greater ROI on their digital transformation investments faster. By addressing the unstructured data dilemma, Intelligent Data Processing powered by Content Intelligence brings agility to every person, every process, and every facet of data and document management—so you can soar above the “fast caterpillars” and become a truly digital enterprise.