Automate & Improve the Client Onboarding Process
Onboarding new clients presents a unique opportunity to wow new customers and enhance loyalty. It can also be a source of pain for customers and organizations alike. From initial outreach to account open or service delivery, customers are asked to provide multiple forms of ID, fill out paper forms, visit a physical location, and answer the same questions multiple times. After all that, they wait days or sometimes weeks to access their new product or service. Leverage the power of AI to accelerate document-centric workflows and transcend lengthy client onboarding processes—for a great customer experience at sign-up and beyond.
drop out of the onboarding process because of the frustration with paper or the volume of information required.

– Deloitte: Digital Onboarding for Financial Services: A Must-Have for Digital Natives

Are You Meeting Customer Expectations?
Turn Customer Expectations into Reality with Adlib InsightTM
Adlib Insight enables financial service organizations to automate the discovery, classification and extraction of vital data from complex documents. Leveraging the power of AI, Adlib Insight enables you to fast-track customer-facing processes, accelerate workflows, and deliver a client onboarding experience that wins hard-earned customer loyalty.
Create a Great Experience—from Client Onboarding & Beyond

Transform your organization’s client onboarding process to drive revenue, offset costs, and set a positive tone for the entire customer relationship.

Wow Your Customers

Deliver service with greater speed and flexibility. Onboard in a matter of minutes vs. weeks or months. Enhance digital user experience. Reduce document loss & reliance on paper-based processes.

Improve Your Bottomline

Increase time-to-value & reduce cost per account open. Increase operational efficiency & automate + accelerate customer-facing processes. Eliminate error-prone manual processes. Free up knowledge workers to spend time on more valuable tasks.

Enhance Customer Loyalty

Create & reinforce an end-to-end brand experience that enhances overall customer loyalty by decreasing failed client acquisition & abandonment rates.

Increase Market Share

Stay ahead of born-digital competitors & disruptive technologies. Leverage the client onboarding process as a point of differentiation.