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Supplier Discovery: Automate the Search for New Suppliers

Manually gathering and analyzing volumes of information from prospective suppliers is a time drain. Our Content Transformation solutions speed up the process by automating the discovery and analysis of essential supplier data across formats and file types- enabling a new level of performance with supply chain data analytics.

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Supply Chain

Supplier Proposal Evaluation: Build With Confidence

Accessing supplier credentials and pricing is one thing. Keeping track and managing supplier interactions is another. Delving deeper into performance, adaptability, and agility takes procurement up a notch. Classify and extract key data from business continuity plans, disaster recovery plans, and certifications to build your supply chain with confidence.

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Supply Chain

Supplier Selection: Keep Your Customers in Mind

You prioritize environmental sustainability and social responsibility. Your partners should, too. Our software automates targeted data extraction around product, ingredient, geographics, and sourcing through trainable AI models. This information makes it possible to assess, monitor, and mitigate supplier risk. Instill confidence in your customers by knowing your supply chain partners inside and out.

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Supply Chain

Contract Negotiation: Improve Agility & Decision-Making

Not having clear supply chain visibility is a risky proposition. Being able to better understand obligations and address non-compliance protects against liability. Our Advanced Contract Analytics tools make it possible to quickly find contract terms, reference performance obligations, and make changes quickly.

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Supply Chain

Supplier Management: Weather Supply Chain Storms

Monitoring key performance indicators does not end once a supplier has been onboarded. Our automation and AI make it possible to continuously track financial results, court filings, and regulatory compliance to drive a high level of efficiency. It is impossible to anticipate every supply chain disruption, but the right solution can stack the odds in your favor delivering an enhanced supplier risk management program getting you closer to a single version of the truth across your supply chain.

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Supply Chain