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Precisely Conquer Compliance From Any Direction 

Adlib’s Content Intelligence Cloud platform  gives your organization a regulatory edge in a time where increasing regulations (GDPR, CCPA, VCDPA, etc)  consumer demand and growing consumer expectation have made data privacy a global imperative. If companies continue to use manual labor for tasks that require automation and AI, it will become burdensome to remediate PII against each new piece of legislation.

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Precisely Manage Sensitive Data

Avoid Bad Press and Brand Damage

Adlib’s Content Intelligence Cloud platform unique approach to digging deep into any unstructured document format, regardless of location, gives you peace of mind, knowing you can find and control any piece of unstructured content that contains PII data.  Address compliance mandates head-on while securing and utilizing PII data to avoid fines and preserve your brand integrity.

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Avoid Bad Press and Brand Damage

Minimize the Impact of Data Breaches with Confidence

Utilize Adlib’s  Content Intelligence Platform to uncover PII hidden in a range of formats and in disparate systems across your organization. When companies rely on manual processes to access data, they leave themselves and their customers vulnerable to data breaches because humans make mistakes. Having all sensitive PII available at your fingertips makes complying with new regulations—without jeopardizing consumer privacy—that much easier.

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Minimize the Impact of Data Breaches

Balance Risk Aversion with Market Growth

Adlib’s Content Intelligence Cloud enables you to be proactive about risk identification and management while leveraging PII data for improved business performance. Our scalable and AI-trainable software helps future-proof your company from data privacy expectations for decades to come. Automation also frees up employees to focus on higher-value tasks such as delivering a richer customer experience.

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Data Privacy PII

Build and Maintain Trust With All Constituents

Adlib’s Content Intelligence Cloud makes it possible to consistently demonstrate that customer PII data is impervious to internal and external threats. In the face of uncertainty, existing and prospective customers will take their business elsewhere. Once that trust is broken is extraordinarily difficult to regain. 

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