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No Need for Costly Remediation Teams

Remediating every active contract containing language impacted by the LIBOR phaseout is risky. Our trainable AI models and Citizen Data Scientist approach make it easy for anyone—even the least technically inclined—to use our platform.

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No Need for Costly Remediation Teams

Leverage Automation & AI Models

No more human error. Use Adlib’s automation and trainable AI to identify LIBOR-impacted documents based on deep content analysis, then tag or classify them with enhanced metadata as required before driving downstream remediation to eliminate all LIBOR exposure.

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Leverage Automation _ AI Models

Eliminate the LIBOR Data Risk

Unstructured data from contracts and loan agreements include content that can’t be automatically searched for LIBOR-linked terms. Don’t take any chances, and let our comprehensive solution keep you compliant and keep the C-suite out of the news.

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Eliminate the LIBOR Data Risk

Get the LIBOR Answers You Need

LIBOR phaseout is complex and potentially risky. Adlib’s technology and expertise help answer your most challenging questions quickly and confidently.

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Get the LIBOR Answers You Need