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Acquire Insight

Content Intelligence Fuels Intelligent Document Processing

No business or process exists without documents, likely in large volumes and varied formats. In the absence of robust, AI-driven technology that finds and extracts vital data, these documents slow processes, create undue risk, and prevent organizations from becoming true digital innovators. Many leaders are too bogged down in daily processes to see the efficiencies that Intelligent Document Processing can bring. And yet, innovative organizations are seizing this opportunity today.

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Supercharging Your Technology Investment: Data Intelligence Solutions

To become an agile digital enterprise, a metamorphosis is needed. Why then do so many enterprises struggle to earn their digital transformation wings? Without complementary technology, humans and RPA bots struggle. CLM systems leave something to be desired. Insight engines deliver half-truths. And data lakes remain dark and bottomless. To digitally innovate, enterprises need a cost-effective and scalable way to capture data, categorize and extract it, and feed it into the right processes and workflows. Content Intelligence fuels Intelligent Document Processing and drives business opportunity for life sciences, pharma, banking, insurance, and beyond.

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Helping Life Sciences & Pharma: Accelerate Innovation

Life sciences and pharma leaders must continually evaluate their operations and technology, surface siloed data, fix broken and legacy systems, and address growing compliance concerns. Adlib’s Content Intelligence solution powers Intelligent Document Processing and fuels digital transformation, helping pharma and life sciences leaders accelerate FDA submissions, improve data privacy, and overcome R&D roadblocks.

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Powering the Bank of the Future

Large banks spend up to 500 million a year to ensure customers are who they claim to be, and KYC-related fines against banks totaled $26 billion over the past 10 years. To protect customers’ personally identifiable information (PII) and deliver a delightful, digital experience, banks must replace broken and legacy processes with simple, sophisticated digital workflows. Adlib’s Content Intelligent solution fuels Intelligent Document Processing to turn this vision into reality.

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Digital Upstarts

Making Insurance More Human

To outcompete digital upstarts, insurers must deliver fast, empathetic, light-touch support as a point of differentiation. Yet only a fraction of insurers have fully automated claims processing. Adlib transforms documents in 300+ formats into easy-to-consume data that feeds into downstream systems, technologies, and workflows. By fueling Intelligent Document Processing to accelerate claims and other data-heavy processes, Adlib allows your team to focus on what they do best: being human.

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