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Jason Mitrow

Director of Marketing Adlib
Data: The Secret to Robotic Process Automation
Posted 3 January 2019 1:10 PM by Jason Mitrow

Robotic Process Automation presents an unprecedented advantage when it comes to business process automation. The only trouble is that RPA requires clean and organized, high-quality data in order to work best.

How to Use Content Analytics to Make Better Business Decisions
Posted 25 September 2018 1:00 PM by Jason Mitrow

Jason Mitrow explains how content analytics and data analytics can help companies in any industry or sector make sharper, more effective, smarter business decisions; whether those are decisions that make you money, or decisions that save you money.

4 Things the Avengers Can Teach Enterprises About Data Security
Posted 25 May 2018 2:00 PM by Jason Mitrow

What can the epic heroics of the Avengers teach enterprises about data security best practices? Win the good fight and keep your enterprise data safe (no superpowers needed).