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Fahad Muhammad

Fahad Muhammad

Director of Marketing Adlib

Fahad is a progressive, highly engaged and result-oriented marketing professional with 8+ years of experience in B2B and B2C strategic marketing.

Specializing in integrated marketing solutions and brand management, Fahad takes a data driven approach to identify unique growth opportunities in order to drive revenue and foster meaningful connections with customers.

Fahad is a diehard college football fan (Sun Devil for life!) and attends ASU’s homecoming game each fall. An avid reader, Fahad loves to read with a cup of his favorite coffee in hand.

5 Top Reasons Digital Transformation Will Fail Without OCR Software
Posted 26 December 2018 8:56 AM by Fahad Muhammad

Here are 5 solid reasons why the success of an enterprise’ Digital Transformation efforts rely on the quality of the optical character recognition software it employs. OCR software is the crucial first step to so many facets of the digital transformation journey.

2018 Digital Transformation Roundup
Posted 13 December 2018 12:03 PM by Fahad Muhammad

A round up of the top digital transformation trends of 2018, from AI to PII, exploring the drivers behind those trends and tying the performance of a business’s tech and IT department to measurable customer success.

Six Steps to Optimizing Your Data Capture Solution
Posted 6 September 2018 1:00 PM by Fahad Muhammad

Learn the six steps Adlib recommends using when implementing an effective, automated data capture solution with the goal of converting enterprise-wide dormant, unstructured data into actionable, readable and searchable content.

Contract Analytics: The Missing Piece in Recovery & Resolution Planning
Posted 6 July 2018 8:30 AM by Fahad Muhammad

Read how contract analytics helps financial services organizations take the risk, hassle, and manual busywork out of Recovery and Resolution Planning.

Critical GDPR Considerations That No One is Talking About
Posted 4 June 2018 12:00 PM by Fahad Muhammad

You have GDPR policies in place, but can you prove what customer info was deleted and from where? Learn how to execute on the “Right to Be Forgotten,” one of the hardest data subject rights to operationalize.

60 GDPR Webinars in 60 Seconds with Duncan Bradley
Posted 31 May 2018 11:00 AM by Fahad Muhammad

Don’t be blindsided by this critical component of GDPR: the "Right to Be Forgotten.” Attend the GDPR webinar for boots-on-the-ground insights to help you execute on the lesser-known policy, obligation, and tactical pieces of GDPR.

Which Netflix Category Describes Your Data Management Strategy?
Posted 22 May 2018 1:00 PM by Fahad Muhammad

Does your data management strategy resemble a dark comedy, a mind game thriller, or a critically acclaimed success? Read on to determine which Netflix category best describes your organization’s approach to data management.

How Data Analytics Is Changing Up the Insurance Industry
Posted 23 November 2017 2:00 PM by Fahad Muhammad

Over the last ten years the explosion of available data from both internal and external sources, paired with advances in analytics technology and AI, have made it possible to build predictive models that have unparalleled accuracy and utility.

5 Unexpected Risks of a Data Migration—And How to Mitigate Them
Posted 24 October 2017 12:00 PM by Fahad Muhammad

Whether you’re in the market for a data migration due to a digital transformation project, a physical move, or another critical business event, it’s important to be aware of some of the hidden risks associated with a project of this scale.

How Insurance Companies Can Start Tackling Digital Transformation Through Data Capture
Posted 10 August 2017 4:00 PM by Fahad Muhammad

Do you have a digital transformation strategy for your insurance company? If so, congratulations: you’re in the minority. M) shows that 79% of insurance companies are either “not setting” the baseline for digital transformation in their organizations, or are “still learning”...