Disruption in ECM Market, Leads to Market Invention

October 13, 2016

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System-Heavy or Data Driven

The creation of content has always been easy, maybe too easy. If you think about it, this has been one of the key contributors as to why the ECM Industry continues to repeat itself and it is also why it is not really solving the root problem around the management of unstructured content. What do you say we stop talking about Volume, Velocity and Variety and start talking about how this market needs to re-invent itself? The industry’s inability to find, filter, focus and most importantly act on the business information that matters is why we continue to have these market consolidation aftershocks –the OpenText acquisition of Documentum being the latest.

Why do we keep seeing these consolidations?  Whether we want to admit it or not, it’s because many vendors in this space continue to think that a system-heavy approach can solve the ongoing challenge of making content with the right permissions accessible to the right people in the context of the right business processes.  To be fair, vendors in the ECM market are making an attempt at pivoting to being more data driven, but this approach alone will only get you part of the way there.  We can’t just continue to throw horsepower at this problem. Identifying types of content, even when mixed-in with templated analytics doesn’t go far enough.

Identification Alone –Not Good Enough

Businesses can’t just rely on the identification of what might be considered high value and high risk content. They need to digitally prepare unstructured content in an agnostic manner. Agnostic is the operative word here. We need to get to a state where businesses can feel confident that they are moving beyond identification and going down a path that includes relevance, adherence, and controlled accessibility. Content infused into this state is truly optimized for business processes –or as I like to say “elevated” to a profile that makes it actionable. Unstructured content normalized and curated in this manner begins to emulate a built-in repeatable intelligence that is content type independent, but respects the controls and/or regulations that will drive consistency in the management and inclusion of content in business processes.

Elevated Content Management

It is this kind of inventive thinking that will create a new market.  This built-in repeatable content intelligence – or Content Elevation Process™ is what will help organizations progressively understand, learn and evolve both existing and new content into an actionable and defensible state -regardless of where it lives.

Let’s do this thing, let’s solve for this problem once and for all –let’s change how businesses think about what they once called ECM into Elevated Content Management. You can’t really protect what you consider high-value assets, prevent risk and ensure that the knowledge transfer between the existing and next generation guard happens without invention. At Adlib Software we not only want to change how information is managed, we want businesses and ultimately society to focus on what matters the most – creating business value that positively impacts people’s lives.

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