Perceptions of Momentum 2016 in Barcelona

November 14, 2016

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Well it was a whirlwind few days in Barcelona attending the Momentum 2016 User Conference.  Perhaps, as CEO Rohit Ghai foreshadowed, the final Momentum conference as Open Text and the ECD Division of EMC prepare for a new world as partners instead of fierce competitors.  OpenText’s EVP of Engineering, Muji Mazjoub joined Rohit on stage during the opening keynote to confirm OpenText’s commitment to the ECD product lines and the Documentum customer base.  There are many perceptions of how this commitment will play out and more than just a little uncertainty about what the future will truly hold.  It will remain to be seen if customers’ and partners’ perceptions actually become reality.

Suffice it to say, the conference started and ended with perception.  The world renowned neuroscientist and human perception researcher Beau Lotto delivered the closing keynote.  It was fascinating to hear how through his research he has determined that human brain fills in the blanks in many different ways. The human senses of touch, sight and sound deliver imperfect data to the brain and the brain figures out the rest.   For example, the eyes only deliver 10% of the data to the brain required for human vision.  The other 90% comes from within the human brain.  From experience, memories, knowledge and context.   It was an interesting choice of words when Beau said that based on his research, “Information Is Meaningless.”  Quite a statement for a room full of individuals who are in the business of information.  Endeavoring to derive information from their content, collate data and make big data decisions that may change the future of their company.  Information is Meaningless.  Wow.  What a statement.  When Rohit closed out the keynote, he sort of joked about that statement with the audience.  But for a company and an industry that is based on collecting and storing information it felt a little deflating.

Of course, the message Beau was really delivering is that Information is meaningless without context.  Context is everything.   Unfortunately, for the vast majority of organizations, the context required to make their information meaningful is just not there.  This means the perception that organizations are developing about their businesses are just like the optical illusions that Beau Lotto introduced to us.  Misleading and misdirected. Organizations are trying to use their intelligence combined with imperfect information to make decisions.  Sadly, they are missing the vital component.  And it is tragic.  I’m not kidding.  Locked within the silos, the file shares, and even their ECM platforms is both the information and the context for innovations, discoveries, treatments, products, process optimizations that can truly change the world. 

So what to do…how to regain the context.  It’s right there, in the mountain of unstructured content.  Buried and hidden from view.  If only there were a way to build the context and extract the intelligence.  Well…a lot of research is being done in this space…and Adlib is helping to push the boundaries.  During the Momentum conference, we announced to the world the release of the Adlib Elevate™ Platform.  It is a software platform that organizations can use to gain control…develop structure…build the missing context so that all that information locked away can be leveraged.  Adlib can help make information meaningful and perception a reality.
So check out the Press Release.  Learn about how with Adlib, you can:
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