Introducing Adlib Elevate™

November 2, 2016

2 minute read

Yesterday was an important day for Adlib: we launched our new platform, Adlib Elevate, at EMC Momentum in Barcelona! It was received with a lot of excitement there, and we’re thrilled to be able to tell you more about it today.

Those of you who know us well, know that Advanced Rendering is what put us on the map. It’s our cornerstone technology solution that has enabled over 5,500 customers around the globe take control of their millions of word processing documents, images, CAD files, spreadsheets and other unstructured content. Adlib’s Advanced Rendering helps the world’s largest Life Sciences organizations submit content to regulatory bodies. It enables the top Insurance and Banking institutions to deliver customer experience and earn customer loyalty by digitally transforming the document process. Advanced Rendering exposes critical data from our Energy customers’ CAD drawings to help make instrumental business decisions. The list goes on.

So what does Advanced Rendering have to do with Adlib Elevate? The answer is everything.

Adlib Elevate is built on the core Advanced Rendering technology that our customers know and trust. This new platform takes things further than standardizing content, and enables users to analyze and classify that content as well. Adlib Elevate gives our customers full control of their unstructured content, with the visibility they need to mitigate risk and make insightful and important decisions regarding their business.

The platform is supported by our ground-breaking methodology, the Content Elevation Process™, which takes an organization’s content through the whole document lifecycle from creation or ingestion, through to categorizing and processing, followed by archiving and long-term digital preservation. In addition, this process eliminates the need for manual review and end-user metadata. Industry analysts are confirming we are on the right track: just recently, this methodology was recognized on the exclusive list of KMWorld’s Trend-Setting Products of 2016.

We’re incredibly proud of our new offering. We’ve worked long and hard to perfect our content standardization technology, and now having built additional capability to further analyze, categorize, and optimize documents, we’re looking forward to working with our customers as they take control of their unstructured content.

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