Happy World Paper Free Day!

November 4, 2016

2 minute read

If you’re holding a notebook and pen while you read this blog, it’s time to put them away. Today is the Association for Information and Image Management’s World Paper Free Day! While there are many benefits to going paper free in your organization, AIIM says it best: this day  “isn’t just about switching off the printers, it’s about working smarter, decreasing the paper entry points, and improving your processes.”

While many enterprise organizations are rife with unstructured content – word processing files, images, CAD drawings, spreadsheets and more – the worst of these is the scanned paper file if digitized in TIFF format. This document is unsearchable, making it useless to the organization especially if they are interested in the content it contains. Imagine how much more efficient business processes would be if every organization was paper free? Life sciences organizations could largely automate the formatting of their submissions, ensuring all documentation met industry regulations. Financial Services companies could improve customer service by quickly responding to requests electronically, instead of searching through filing cabinets for claims information. Energy companies could communicate with personnel in the field and refer to electronic drawings on their mobile devices, without having to fuss with large pieces of paper. The list goes on and on.

When you remove paper from the equation, you can focus more on elements such as:

  • Improving the use of the data from properly captured forms and contracts
  • Breaking down information silos through enterprise-wide integrations
  • Tagging metadata objectively and accurately in order to facilitate Progressive Classification
  • Analyzing content to enable better decision-making
  • …and many more business processes

Take the Pledge for World Paper Free Day

How can you participate? Here are just 3 easy steps:

  1. Register for AIIM’s Live Event Nov 4th
  2. Add a Twibbon to your profile picture
  3. Read up on the topic

Keep the Pledge Going

If you’re interested in staying paper free for more than just a day, there are many resources to help you on your way. And while you’re battling paper content, why not take on the rest of the unstructured content your organization contains? By diving into this potentially dark and dirty data, your organization can gain innumerable benefits from understanding what content actually lives in your repositories. Check out this on-demand webinar on standardizing your documents, and how this can help you gain the most value from your documents.

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