Rewriting how you do business

July 25, 2016

2 minute read

Recently I have been hearing everyone talking about how disruption is the only way to move forward. In terms of business and technology, disruption is something amazing that pushes people to the outer limits of innovation and systemic change. Organizations are forced to improve upon the status quo if they want to survive when cracks in their armour are exposed.

We were fortunate enough at Adlib to have had John Mancini of AIIM give a keynote at our FY17 kickoff earlier this month. He gave an inspiring talk about how we are living in a time of incredible disruption – think of what Uber is doing for the taxi business or what Netflix did for television. The new player comes in with a totally different take on the product or service, and forces the competition to improve or get out. This kind of disruption benefits the end consumer greatly.

Not only do users get the benefit of more choice in the marketplace, but they get to take advantage of new and improved products, services and solutions.

This short video from Forbes takes the idea of disruption one step further: the great rewrite. This is about far more than a handful of revolutionary companies that everyone admires for their innovative marketing – it’s about systemic institutional change from the very core of the business. This kind of change has a ripple effect that has a deep impact – and can alter the face of business as we know it. And it sounds much more difficult than it really is.

Having worked in the content processing industry for many years, we’ve seen a lot of change in our partners and our competitors – not to mention ourselves. Now we’ve come to a point where we’re rewriting the way organizations can classify their documents. And this is changing the face of these organizations forever.

An organization that leverages their company’s IP has an incredibly powerful advantage. Think of how much more successful an organization could be if they knew what information they had, where it was, and what they needed to do with it. What if they no longer wasted time looking for documents or recreating them? What if they had an intelligent, automated, and progressive system that did all of this for them? Now that is a way to rewrite how they do business!

Take a look for yourself.

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