5 Ways the Content Industry Will Be Turned Upside Down in 2017

December 16, 2016

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5 ways the content industry will be turned upside down in 2017It’s certainly been a year of big changes for the content management industry. From the purchase of EMC Documentum by OpenText, to Lexmark being acquired by Apex Technology and PAG Asia Capital, to a surge in demand for advanced technologies like automated classification and file analysis, it’s a fascinating sector to be a part of right now. Here are our predictions for another adventurous and rewarding year:

Big data backfires
Over 2017 there will be a bit of a backlash on big data.  The results are often sub-optimal (no, Facebook, I do not want to buy the same cell phone I just bought last week), the training/resources are excessive, and the applicability is questionable (do I really care about winning a game of Go?).   Organizations will shift spending from big data projects to other, more tangible activities.

Controlling Content Chaos
Organizations in content-intensive industries will realize that vendor consolidations will continue and that empowering content to unlock its full potential – regardless of repository – is the future. Even as technologies like Documentum ADTS enter End of Service, organizations will realize there are options to continue leveraging trusted technologies to keep high-quality content services rolling.

GDPR - an EU-based regulation regarding data privacy, and companies’ responsibility for stewardship (and destruction) of personal information - will come under significant scrutiny and be repealed/reformatted.   This will be driven by American companies, doing business globally, who will find the requirements too onerous relative to their EU-based business and will threaten to Ameri-Xit EU trade, unless the GDPR pulls a “Brexit” and gets gone! 

Securing security
Private insurance companies will launch a policy option – not for personal identity theft, but for corporate data loss.   The policies will cover the virtual value of any/all records that are lost or stolen and any resulting legal implications.  However, the first claim against this policy will be denied because the contract is void if the breach results from content that did not have an automated records management assignment in place.

To grow or not to grow
A few years back we may have predicted a merger of giants... and now look at the landscape: we’ve got EMC and OTC.  In 2017, though, it will be less about M&A and more about expansion.  Look for dozens of smaller niche players to position themselves in the ECM space offering a subset of capabilities but targeted to a niche segment. 

Change is the only constant and 2017 will be no different. We’re excited to see how many of our predictions come true – and how many of our own (positive) disruptions to the market we can make! (Speaking of positive disruptions, check out the press release below!)

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