On the yellow IG brick road? Start your journey – wherever you are - with Adlib

April 5, 2016

2 minute read

Is there an Information Governance magic bullet? A quick fix? An “Easy” button? Well, no. As with most worthwhile endeavors in life, IG is a journey – it has its ups and its downs but in the end it’s worth the trip.

For organizations dealing with migration projects, eDiscovery mandates, compliance initiatives and digitization projects, it’s become imperative to embark on the journey towards complete Information Governance to gain control of content, get insight into data and extract value from it.

We are hearing some common questions and concerns from our customers. Do any of these sound familiar?

“We are experiencing our first M&A and our data is everywhere.”

“Regulations for making our content compliant changes constantly.”

“PII (Personal Identifiable Information) requirements are pushing our organization to review more efficient ways of protecting our customer data.”

It’s becoming more and more clear in the market that IG planning matters. Rather than implementing strategies to deal with problems or projects as they arise, it makes a lot more sense to execute programs that will help in an anticipatory or proactive fashion. By elevating content of value to a level where it can help drive positive change and profitability across the enterprise, companies are changing the way they look at content.

It helps to have a guide. After all, Dorothy didn’t go it alone. From wherever you are on the journey to the land of IG Oz today – standardizing content, looking at bucketing it, de-duplicating it or storing it – there are industry experts that can help. We’ve had and continue to have a similar experience. Realizing that our specialty (elevating content to help our customers get at the information that matters), is well complemented by the work that our partners do, we are learning and doing astounding things together and  bringing an even more relevant offering to the marketplace.

At Adlib we are always evolving, always learning from our customers, from our partners, from the market. We consider ourselves navigators but also explorers on our own path to discovery and elevation. Much of this learning on our part takes place at the events we participate in and the ones we host. I encourage you to check our Events page frequently and engage with us at one or more of these events and together we can follow the yellow brick road to success.

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