The Adlib Content Elevation Process: Part 3 - Content is Illuminated with Analyze

April 12, 2016

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As mentioned in Part 2 of my blog series, the technology heart of what we do is transform content into high-definition PDF output.  And as part of the Standardize step in the process, we agnostically ingest large volumes of information.   Next is the real-time examination of the flow and format of the information on the page. The output of Adlib’s capture flow analysis provides the system with the insight needed to identify and extract the properties that not only identify the type of content, but also reveals highly relevant metadata.   With this information in hand, we have digitally transformed and prepared content for deeper and more accurate data analysis.  You might even say that we have turned big data into smart content, and what we are about to with the Analyze step is turn smart content into actionable information. 

So if the heart of the Adlib Content Elevation Process is the Standardize step, then I would have to say that the Analyze step is the soul.  Now that we have digitally prepared content, we have enabled it to be refined through the use of Adlib’s similarity and de-duplication processes.  These processes along with the use of dynamic filtering via defined rules triggers our digital sequencing of the content.  These processes and filtering techniques are what illuminate content to a state where we can create a unique signature, or as we like to call it at Adlib – a Content Fingerprint™.  The Adlib Content Fingerprint is also the basis for creating what we call a “bucket” –a superset of a category.  The result of this step is what gives Adlib the ability to classify content using techniques that no other company has.    I will cover this in more detail in Part 4 of my blog series (Transcending Digital Transformation).

I think it may now be clear as to why I characterized the Analyze step as the “soul” of the Adlib Content Elevation Process.  Somewhat similar, but definitely different than a famous quote spoken by a famous President of the United States, “Ask not what big data analytics can do for you, ask what Adlib can do to transform your content to actionable information.”

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