XFA Can Mark A Tough Spot

September 22, 2015

1 minute read

It is not often that I would consider a commercial as blog-worthy but this one qualifies as a public service announcement. This is because the frequency of running into XFA conversion issues is fairly rare but solutions to the problem are rarer still. In other words, not a lot of people run into XFA conversion problems but they can be a significant obstacle when they are encountered. Also, the types of companies familiar with XFA typically process documents in the millions to hundreds of millions which inflates the volume of the problem when it is faced. Adlib can help.

So what’s the issue? XFA stands for XML Forms Architecture, a proprietary format created by Adobe and used within LiveCycle. XFA will also be carried forward within Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) and promises to be around for a long time to come. The normal operating procedure is to save XFA forms as PDF before sending them to clients, support vendors, or even other departments so they can be read by any PDF reader. Raw XFA files can only be interpreted by LiveCycle or AEM. There are occasional cases where companies using LiveCycle (or AEM) want to be able to share raw XFA files outside their domain but this requires the recipient to have made the significant investment in LiveCycle and / or AEM. If you find yourself requiring XFA conversion services, Adlib can act as a cost-effective bridge between your raw XFA inputs and your systems that need to be able to access the content.

It is truly astounding to think of all the types of systems and file formats in use worldwide. Adlib credibly claims to support 600+. Being able to help clients overcome XFA conversion obstacles is definitely one of the plusses.

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