Adlib launches their “Deep Insight” project – a ground-breaking platform for transforming unstructured content

September 14, 2015

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How do you define innovation? It may be different for everyone. Wikipedia defines it as “… a new idea, more effective device or process.” ( Certainly this is a solid, literal definition, but doesn’t true innovation lend itself to an air of excitement, freshness and momentum?

While innovation has been a consistent theme throughout the course of Adlib’s evolution over the past 15 years, there have been certain milestones that have really lit up the document management arena. And we’re hitting another one now.

Today, Adlib launches its project “Deep Insight” (click here for the press release). Powered by our well-established and proven Advanced Rendering technology, and building on our extensive experience working with unstructured content, this innovative new offering will allow our customers to add an important layer to content management systems, and in particular, data extraction or capture processes, with the implementation of automated and sophisticated content-enabled classification.

What is so special about content-enabled classification?

It’s a game changer, actually. While a number of technology vendors offer classification modules, no other technology in the industry does what “Deep Insight” can do. It is simply:

  • Faster– creating efficiencies previously unheard of by drastically minimizing required manual effort and allowing the classification of millions of documents rapidly
  • Better – with the ability to detect duplicates regardless of file format; the ability to incorporate images into the actual algorithms; and examining text beyond basic layout – actually detecting content flow and imagery so that even non-digitally-born content is considered
  • Easier – establishing a foundation or baseline for content to classify and thereafter automatically classifying content with a similar thumbprint or genetic makeup. Once the foundation has been set, it allows for the future state to benefit from the previous work to ensure the problem doesn’t reoccur.

The examination of content should be top of mind for enterprises

As Adlib’s CEO, Peter Duff, put it, “unexamined content is not worth having”. It is unsettling to think about the vast untapped stores of vital business information that sit undetected and inaccessible because they haven’t been managed properly or there simply hasn’t been an effective method or resources to examine it and leverage it to contribute to business growth.

That all changes today. I encourage you to reach out to us to learn more about this groundbreaking new technology, which is going to change the face of content management. Contact us at: and in the meantime, download our classification datasheet here. For our part, we’ll continue on our path to helping our partners and customers, through a flexible approach to development of our technology, on their journey to complete information governance.

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