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October 16, 2015

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“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything” – George Bernard Shaw

When Adlib was founded 13 years ago, our company, and the content industry looked very different than it does today. These changes are exciting to us, the sky is limit and we know we are going to play a big part in helping people understand the how and the why.

One of the toughest areas organizations have had to change is in the way they think about data. The rapid and extreme increase in the volume of business information over the last decade, both structured and unstructured, has created more demanding compliance structures. Without a change in how you view your content, you can quickly lose control of your content, which creates snowballing risk effects. This became even clearer to the Adlib team as we engaged in deep dialogue with enterprise organizations at the Information Governance Exchange event recently. Every organization we talked to is looking for solutions around data extraction, redaction of sensitive information, the long-term digital preservation of business information, effective migration strategy and above all the automated classification of data.

Recently, we launched Project: Deep Insight, the code name for the suite of products created by the evolution of our revolutionary and advanced technology. This will be a game changer for our industry as more and more companies look to achieve information governance success. It allows organizations to finally think of their data as one of their key assets, worthless content will be removed and valuable data can be found.

Customer-Centric Focus

Project Deep Insight is a prime example of the strength of our relationships and exchanges with customers and with partners. The development of our classification capabilities is a direct outcome of what we kept hearing, and delivers the answers that customers are looking for in effectively classifying data for improved findability and examination of content.

All of our innovation hinges on our core Advanced Rendering technology. Today we are launching a new version. Adlib PDF 5.4 answers a number of issues put forth by our valued customers and partners and is well aligned to support innovative development in the future.

Adlib 5.4 delivers Advanced Rendering technology to help organizations improve content management processes through effective data extraction and advanced classification and enables long-term digital preservation of critical content plus many other processes - integrating easily with Enterprise Content Management (ECM), workflow and product lifecycle management systems.

Transforming high volumes of documents from a great range of formats into high quality, searchable PDF or PDF/A formats to support document publishing, collaboration, compliance and archiving initiatives is just the beginning. With the ability to extract “Dark or Dirty Data” as part of an advanced extraction process, in preparation for automated and rapid classification, Adlib’s technology is helping organizations to advance their path towards information governance success.

Without change – more importantly without the right attitude for change – we would not have come as far as we have. Innovation is all about change and it’s exciting to imagine what is around the corner – whatever it is, we know we’ll be ready.

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