Live webinar: taming content chaos with K2 and Adlib

March 11, 2015

1 minute read

Content chaos. It’s a reality that enterprise organizations are struggling with more and more as volumes of content pile up quickly and end up in a state of disarray, often due to ineffective document management processes. Likewise, more and more, organizations are realizing the importance of managing critical content appropriately and placing more value in technologies to address content chaos by gaining control of content, allowing them to proactively leverage business data. Check out the infographic for a visual look at some of the causes of this phenomenon.

So what is the impact of content chaos? Well, it can actually be quite widespread. Think about the numerous business processes your documents can be a part of. Just a few examples include:

To address these business processes, organizations often look to supplement their Enterprise Content Management (ECM) deployments in order to address specific document concerns and fill any gaps in functionality.

Working with our long-time partner, K2, we’ll be exploring 2 of these ECM enhancements in an upcoming webinar:  Strategies for Taming Content Chaos.:

Advanced Rendering - high-fidelity, centralized and consistent content conversion for organizations who have large volumes of documents which require advanced conversion in support of any number of business processes, Advanced Rendering has become a critical component of the technology landscape.

Workflow integration - like the one offered by K2, Workflow integration, which compliments Advanced Rendering, streamlines critical content processes, connecting people to information and work – from basic task routing to complex enterprise-wide solutions.  

With so many business applications of Advanced Rendering technology and Workflow tools, I encourage you to join us when we deliver a live webinar on Strategies for Taming Content Chaos to learn more.

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