Discover how intelligent compression technology reduces storage costs & accelerates information transfer

July 11, 2015

1 minute read

“More and more, Adlib speaks with customers who are experiencing what we call “infobesity” – an unmanageable and growing volume of content. Gaining control of all of the information within an organization is no easy task. The impact of “infobesity” can be serious: a decrease in the speed of information transfer, affecting stakeholders within and outside of the enterprise, including the mobile work force, as well as the significant costs associated with storing all of this information.

The good news is there is an answer to the “infobesity” problem! With intelligent compression technology, now available from Adlib, content is compressed without compromising quality. Utilizing Mixed Raster Content (MRC) technology among other forms of compression, the Adlib Compression Module delivers the leading edge technology that can help you solve your “infobesity” dilemma.

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