Achieving effective archiving practices for EMC Documentum users

July 20, 2015

2 minute read

EMC Documentum was recently hailed by Gartner for its work in the area of structured data archiving. As an EMC partner, we applaud them for this achievement. Within the content management arena, however, if structured AND unstructured content is not addressed, you’re missing a big piece of the puzzle. With the mountains of unstructured data cluttering the content management landscape, how are organizations managing corporate, industry and regulatory mandates like compliance, archiving and even collaboration? It’s something more and more organizations are thinking about, companies that often have multiple Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems in place, including Documentum, and for whom findability and accountability have become important business challenges.

For many Documentum customers, whether they play on the fields of Life Sciences, Energy, Finance or others, they have an enormous amount of information to deal with. Is it at their fingertips when they need it? Should it be?

For EMC Documentum users using Advanced Rendering technology, archiving to PDF/A has never been easier. From the ingestion of data, through the document lifecycle to the archiving stage, Advanced Rendering enhances critical business processes to ensure that all sorts of types of content become part of the fabric of the content cloth in the organization.

Companies utilizing an Advanced Rendering tool like Adlib’s as part of their Documentum implementation are able to see their information, really see what they have, whether that content is housed in emails, social media, CAD designs, charts, graphs or faxes. When all of that information is archived automatically and effectively, teams from across the globe are able to access the information they need to close that deal, send supporting information to a customer or research a new opportunity. Compliance projects are more successful and quick, with all of the information stored for the long-term and easily accessible. Even more exciting is that when you realize the value of Advanced Rendering integrated with Documentum for archiving, you’ll see why so many of our customers are extending this application across repositories and business units.

Have you had an archiving discussion at your organization lately? Is it time to look at how you can improve archiving within your Documentum application and beyond?

When you’re ready to have a chat about how Advanced Rendering can help, we are ready.

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