Accessing Valuable Unstructured Content Through Effective Capture

July 28, 2015

1 minute read

This is a really, really exciting time to be playing in the capture space. With more and more organizations focusing on where their information comes from and how to get at it, they are looking to the market to guide them down a technology path that will allow them to leverage the value locked away in their unstructured content.

Accelerate your move off the starting block

By getting the first step in the document lifecycle right (i.e. the capture stage), Adlib customers are one step ahead of the game already with the finish line in view. How are these organizations improving capture processes so that ALL of their information is effectively gathered, standardized and stored appropriately for easy access, viewing and long-term preservation? In a few different ways, including:

  • Email integration techniques - capturing not only the subjects and bodies of emails, but also the attachments and metadata contained within (to read more about email integration, click here).
  • Automated classification of data – identifying and analyzing content to reveal the right path for that content to take to improve findability (for more on classification, click here).
  • Advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology – to capture information contained in images, scans and faxes and to make that information searchable

What’s in store at the finish line?

The benefits of implementing an advanced data capture strategy are many and include improved compliance, enhanced collaboration, effective archiving and accelerated business processes.

We’d love to chat more with you about what we are doing for customers now in the capture space and what is just around the corner – some pretty exciting stuff, I promise.

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