The State of ECM Systems and Content Today: Education Series Video

February 24, 2015

1 minute read

When it comes to Enterprise Content Management, the industry puts a lot of focus on the enterprise and management aspects of the systems. Content, on the other hand, gets forgotten about. Where does it fit in to the ECM world today?

One of the biggest challenges around content is that organizations don’t know what they have, how much they have, or where they have it. They aren’t using automated tools to help them connect the dots and identify critical business information. This lack of understanding around organizational content leads to dark data.

Less than 1% of organizations globally have a true Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system that is being used to its full potential. That means that 99% of organizations are missing out on what their content can do for them.

Check out this video with industry experts on where the ECM industry is today, and where content fits in.

Capturing and classifying content

Organizations have several different departments and business units, all of whom generally have individual metadata schemas for how they identify their content and store it. This means that as a corporation, there is little consistency. If you’re in Accounting and you’re looking for a Marketing document, you’re going to have trouble finding it if the metadata is assigned by the end user. Automation, however, can help alleviate the end user from tedious manual tasks. Take a look at this datasheet to learn how Adlib’s data capture technology can automate document-centric business processes.

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