Meeting Customer Demands With Cloud Technology

February 26, 2015

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We’ve been having an interesting conversation with our partner CSC over the blogosphere.  Last year they posted a blog on the hidden costs of low-quality rendering. We responded with a post on the power of high fidelity rendering. Next, CSC discussed the importance of scale, configuration and system monitoring, and how technology can be leveraged to help organizations meet their business goals. We then responded with the importance of efficiency and how it can help Life Sciences organizations to improve their document-centric processes. Most recently, CSC discussed the state of customer requirements, and impact of cloud on their side of the solution software. Here’s what we’re doing to meet these customer requirements.

What customers are looking for in the cloud

CSC sums it up really well: customers are looking for both a flexible and scalable solution when it comes to document rendering in the cloud. Customers need to be able to meet their rising demands as quickly as they come. When working with strict deadlines and increasingly large amounts of content, waiting for additional rendering services to be installed isn’t an option. Having cloud-based document conversion available to meeting project-related deadlines is the answer.

Advanced Rendering in the cloud

Adlib offers Advanced Rendering document-to-PDF conversion technology in a cloud deployment for organizations who are working on project-based initiatives which have fluctuating demands. For example, repository migrations, e-discovery preparedness, system alignments resulting from mergers and acquisitions, ad-hoc or seasonal business spikes, etc. can drastically change document processing needs. As a result, organizations need a solution which reduces the reliance on limited internal resources such as hardware, human capital, developers, project managers, and others.

The PDF conversion requirement might be at a steady pace for a life sciences organization, until they begin working on a big submission. The requirement then may double, triple or increase exponentially, requiring the organization to provision additional resources to meet those demands. In a situation like this, Adlib’s cloud solution can integrate directly with the on-premise Adlib PDF Enterprise product, or function independently. Either way, Advanced Rendering in the cloud can offer the organization a flexible, scalable solution to meet their growing content conversion needs.

Based on customer demand – because the requirements for cloud bursting vary greatly – since each situation is so unique, rather than constrain organizations to a public cloud structure with inflexible settings, we offer a private cloud offering that can be customized in just about any manner.  Organizations benefit from the speed of deployment, and the fact that there are no upfront costs from capital equipment, IT infrastructure, training etc. However, they still have control over the exact setup ensuring that their compliance settings or security concerns are fully met.  To ensure the deployment is handled smoothly we even dedicate a “Cloud Concierge”, a sort of virtual-IT-department in the guise of a professional services technician, to make sure that the requirements are fully understood, and that the cloud deployment meets exact specifications.

Learn more about Advanced Rendering in the cloud

CSC makes some great points about the requirements customers have when it comes to cloud solutions. Learn more about how Advanced Rendering in the cloud can help life sciences organizations – and organizations in other industries – to ensure their document-tot-PDF conversion needs are being met in an efficient and cost-effective way. Download the datasheet to learn more.

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