Market Insight – Adlib sponsors AIIM survey

December 7, 2015

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Technology is making a big play when it comes to helping to drive information governance programs to the finish line (if there is such a thing!). As an IG professional, or at least a professional interested in IG, it’s important that you ask yourself: what are the critical issues? What problems need to be solved? Where are the gaps? Do we have the tools we need to be successful?

Automation efficiency for IG success

Left to manual controls and processes, would there be any such thing as successful IG? One could argue that successful Information Governance requires automation and efficiency through the use of technology. As a progressive technology company, Adlib has thrown its hat in the ring and we have a pretty great story to share. From intelligent data extraction to automated classification to advanced content compression to the long-term digital preservation of critical content, we are already helping customers bounce off the starting block and accelerate their path to complete Information Governance. We have worked with key partners, analysts and industry organizations to bring these capabilities to market. However, there is always much to learn and IG is a constantly evolving field.

Adlib sponsors AIIM survey

To help, we have been working closely with AIIM (the Association of Information and Image Management) to sponsor a survey fueling a new research report, which was released to the public today: “Information Governance: Too important to be left to humans”.  As an industry professional, you’ll be interested in the topics, which include:

  • The governance of electronic records and how this connects to profitability
  • The rise in digitization efforts and the decrease in paper-born content
  • Search and eDiscovery
  • The prioritization of Information Governance
  • Automated classification as a key component of Information Governance strategy

Check out the report here and reach out to us at to continue the conversation! Interested in having your say? I also encourage you to participate in a survey Adlib has created in order to gain even more important insights on the Information Governance landscape.

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