Insights & Inspiration – Creating a Mind Hive at NIRMA

August 25, 2015

2 minute read

Last week we joined our partner McLaren in sponsoring the annual NIRMA (Nuclear Industry Records Management Association) conference.

This tightly focused industry group of content experts share a number of information management challenges:

  • Managing a large volume of documents
  • The need to conquer “infobesity” or content chaos
  • The inability to consistently or centrally standardize content
  • A lack of governance over business information
  • A critical need to submit documents in PDF format to a governing body (the NRC)

The booth we shared with McLaren at the event was a mind hive for discussion related to ECM, integration, workflows and the like, and we were thrilled to engage with so many attendees at our successful networking event.  However, two things of particular note stood out for me:

Dark Data Key Concept for Nuclear Sector

Our story around 'Dark Data’, which introduced the concept of classification and content extraction, was a game changer for many participants.  Attendees realized that by leveraging Advanced Rendering, the previously assumed impossible was actually becoming possible, and attendees at this session became really engaged in this dialogue.  Why is the concept of ‘Dark Data’ so intriguing? Energy companies are subject to some strict records management regulations requiring submission to the NRC as well as ongoing maintenance and management of information for audit, collaboration and other purposes.  Given this volume of unstructured data (industry estimates suggest over 90% of data is unstructured) the need to account for every last bit of information and make it easily “findable” is particularly pressing.  Moreover, with the vast number of nuclear industry staff retiring, unlocking the value of unstructured archived information immediately is an increasingly urgent issue.

Partner Ecosystem Ensures Depth of Knowledge & Insight

The second thing I was really excited about at NIRMA was the realization that our partner strategy has truly come to fruition. Leveraging McLaren’s deep insights into the nuclear sector, as well as those of other key partners in our growing partner network, we have developed a depth of knowledge and expertise in the Energy industry, bringing to the market advanced solutions that answer the challenges above: mitigating risk, achieving compliance and helping organizations manage their unstructured content as they move down the path to successful Information Governance. In fact, we were able to connect with many of our key partners at the NIRMA conference: EMC, IBM, Dassault Systèmes, Gimmal, Iron Mountain, TSG... and even association partners like ARMA and AIIM. Each touch point we have with them helps us to gain insights, get inspired and take back to the team at the office great ideas and plans.

And speaking of plans, I encourage you to keep your eyes and ears open in the near future for some pretty exciting developments from the Adlib front. If the conversation around ‘Dark Data’ and classification was interesting last week, it’s about to get even more exciting!

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