Team Adlib at DIA EDM and ERS 2014 next week

September 19, 2014

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It took the madmen of yesterday for us to be able to act with extreme clarity today. I want to be one of those madmen. We must dare to invent the future.
Thomas Sankara

Those in the Life Sciences industry are continually working to build a better future for our global community through the invention and development of pharmaceuticals, disease research, medical devices and more.  At Adlib, we not only applaud the industry for their efforts and successes, but we are proud to support and partner with a long list of Life Sciences organizations to help enable products and services to get to those who need them faster.

Connecting and Learning at DIA

We look forward to connecting with some of these partners and many of our peers at DIA’s EDM and ERS 2014 coming up next week and taking part in:

  • Best practices presentations
  • Interactive and collaborative sessions with the intent of sharing and developing ideas
  • Cross-functional sessions dedicated to different areas of interest
  • Many opportunities for networking

Check out what we have to say about Advanced Rendering

I encourage you to drop by the Adlib space at this event – we’d love to connect with you and exchange some industry stories.  You will also have the opportunity to get a look at our Advanced Rendering technology, how it integrates with ECMs, workflow tools and PLM systems to help improve efficiencies enterprise-wide.  For example, did you know that Adlib PDF enables leading pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device and other Life Sciences organizations to:

  • Eliminate reliance on native applications with Advanced Rendering of content into high-fidelity, fully text-searchable, regulatory-compliant and submission-ready PDF content that retains the complete integrity of original documents
  • Improve the efficiency of the regulatory approval process and streamline workflows with regulatory requirements by automatically generating regulatory-compliant and submission-ready PDF content that meets the Regulatory guidelines of the FDA and other Health Agencies
  • Increase accuracy and reduce risks of human error associated with manual processes by automatically transforming documents with Advanced Rendering technology
  • Ensure long-term access to information across all devices through automated document-level publishing and archiving to PDF/A
  • Scale massively to support the enterprise with Adlib’s centralized solution that maintains high availability, load balancing and full reporting in support of high-volume, multi-site environments

Come check us out to get more information and start a conversation – see you at the event!

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