Product demo: Leveraging Adlib PDF to convert practically any file format to PDF in EMC Documentum

September 2, 2014

1 minute read

Many large enterprise organizations, especially those in the Life Sciences industry, rely on EMC Documentum as their content management system. Many companies – especially those creating documents for FDA submissions, require PDF conversion capabilities. Adlib PDF integrates with EMC Documentum to provide Advanced Rendering capabilities directly from within the Documentum user interface.

Often, it’s necessary to convert more than one file type at a time into a high-fidelity PDF. FDA submissions, for example, can be composed of Word documents, JPEG images, scanned TIFF files and more. As a result, having the capability to convert all of those file types into PDF in one process can greatly expedite the workflow and result in business efficiency.

Increasing efficiency with PDF conversions

Converting multiple file types within the Documentum user interface is as easy as selecting the files which need conversion, and then selecting Create PDF with Adlib. No special steps need to be taken in order to convert multiple file types – it’s the same process as converting one file type.

IT can also go into the Adlib management console and set up transformation rules for each file type. For example, static text or variable text can be added to certain kinds of documents to show the status, date, and other document characteristics. Rules can also be set up to exclude certain file types as well. This way, end users don’t need to worry about remembering corporate or compliance regulations with regards to documents. The rules can be automated and put in place by IT so that all converted PDF documents meet industry standards.

To learn more about how Adlib integrates with EMC Documentum and how multiple transformations requests can be made, take a look at this product demo.

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