Product demo: Extend SharePoint with document-to-PDF rendering capabilities

September 23, 2014

1 minute read

SharePoint is truly becoming the Enterprise Content Management system of the masses. With its large partner ecosystem and the flexibility to integrate add-ons, organizations in all industries are turning to SharePoint to house and manage their valuable content. In fact, according to this CMS Wire article, over a third of organizations are using SharePoint to manage content across the enterprise. In addition, over half of those organizations believe that SharePoint will become their primary enterprise CMS in the future.

Enhancing SharePoint with Adlib PDF

With the proliferation of SharePoint into the enterprise world, there is a necessity for organizations to enhance or extend the capabilities of SharePoint to meet their needs. Companies in a range of industries – especially those dealing with document compliance issues – require conversion capabilities to high-fidelity PDF.

While many applications come with built-in PDF conversion capabilities, large organizations require a more consistent and scalable approach. As a result, extending SharePoint with document-to-PDF software allows the organization to create consistent PDF files no matter the department or business unit. In addition, transformation rules can be set up by IT to alleviate certain formatting requirements from the end users. This way end users can simply upload their documents to SharePoint to be converted, and not worry about what kinds of headers or watermarks their document needs in order to meet compliance standards. Document enhancements can be added automatically so that a perfect PDF is created each time with minimal – or no – human intervention.

Take a look at the product demo below for more details on how Adlib integrates with Microsoft SharePoint to add document-to-PDF conversion capabilities.

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