Partner On-Demand Webinar: Adlib and Generis bring Life Sciences organizations deployment success

September 18, 2014

2 minute read

At Adlib we really embrace the notion of teamwork and this is especially true in complex and regulatory guarded industries like Life Sciences where we are partnered with several industry-leading Systems Integrators, Repositories, and other content tools.  We are continually looking for ways to work together with our partners to bring our customers insights, information and innovations.

To that end, we recently teamed up with our partner Generis to deliver a live webinar discussing the value of integrating both Generis and Adlib with D7 to ensure deployment success for the Life Sciences industry.

The rendering landscape is changing

We’ve said this before.  However, we do speak the truth.  With the launch of EMC’s Documentum 7, the course of rendering has changed for organizations. While Documentum still brings many benefits to Life Sciences organizations for content management processes, Adlib and Generis help to fill the gaps that exist in critical business processes within EMC Documentum 7, adding value to deployments with 2 key ingredients: Advanced Rendering and the feature-rich CARA User Interface. 

Transforming your experience with Documentum 7

Going beyond basic, limited format, limited scalability rendering, and forget about a UI with limited features... large and complex Life Sciences organizations demand advanced technologies to complement their ECM deployments.  Technologies that enable them to speed up business processes, drive business growth and meet compliance, collaboration and archiving demands.  In the webinar we talked about the need for these advanced tools, the kind of technologies that Adlib and Generis have to offer customers.  We’re not all talk though.  We also showed how this mix works so well with a live demo.

Both Adlib PDF Enterprise and CARA by Generis are powerful tools that aid in achieving objectives within Life Sciences organizations like producing compliant-ready documents; establishing one common platform for superior document management; and creating custom workflows.  Adlib and Generis together offer the flexibility Life Services organizations require to meet organizational and regulatory compliance mandates, improving document management efficiency, collaboration, archiving and overall effectiveness in document management programs extended across organizations.

I encourage you to check out the on-demand webinar to watch the demo.  See for yourself why Adlib and Generis are the right recipe for Life Sciences organizations!

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