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September 29, 2014

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Adlib has a rich and varied partner ecosystem that spans across multiple industries and disciplines. Together, we’re able to help organizations from energy firms to life sciences companies manage their content more effectively.

One of our partners, CSC, has a thought leadership webcast coming up that we felt our readers would get a lot of value from. The webcast on 30 September/1 October will have exciting news about FirstDoc.

Achieve Regulatory Information Management: Drive Secure, Compliant Collaboration to meet RIM

September 30, 2014, 11:00am EDT / 15:00 UTC or
October 1, 2014, 6:00am EDT / 10:00 UTC

Taking a deeper look into the webcast

Hear the Top 10 Ways to Evaluate an ECM partner: Do these sound familiar?

  • Can you collaborate in a secure manner with your business partners using your existing tools?
  • Do organizational silos prohibit you from collaborating internally?
  • Are you struggling with a glorified “file share” system that can’t be accessed by a mobile device?
  • Does your organization struggle with antiquated ECM tools that may keep you compliant, but don’t flex with your needs?
  • Are you finding your need for compliance trumps performance and scale?
  • Have you bought into multi-tenant cloud offers that just aren’t fully baked?
  • Do you have concerns around the security and location of data?

This webcast will discuss how CSC has changed the ECM landscape by deploying its market-leading FirstDoc solution. Learn how CSC leverages its global experience to provide a service offering that is both compliant and flexible, providing clients a solution for both local and global businesses.

Executives looking to reduce overall cost of ownership with a market-tested offer should attend. This briefing will identify the impact to a life science’s organization, from the reallocation of resources, to the resource control and flexibility.

Industry-leading speakers will include:

  • Cem Tanyel, VP & General Manager, Healthcare and Life Sciences Software Solutions, CSC
  • John Dyer, former FDA COO
  • Paul Attridge, Life Sciences Product Director
  • Sharad Khusal, Delivery Partner, Life Sciences Consulting Lead

By registering for this CSC event, you’ll also have access to 2 new white papers:

The Utopia of Secure and Compliant Collaboration in Enterprise Content Management
- and -
Regulatory Information Management: Catalyst for Technology Modernization

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