The Need for Automated Document Conversion: Education Series Video

October 23, 2014

1 minute read

We have a unique position in the industry: we get to speak with customers across a wide variety of industries – from life sciences, to financial services, and everything in between – and we get to sit and talk with industry analysts who study and research best practices in document management in today’s enterprise.

We’ve put together a video series taking the highlights from our many conversations with customers and industry experts, and pulled together the important points on why there is a need for automated document conversion software.

Watch the video on the need for automated document conversion

H2: Will you automate or take the manual route?

Whether your organization is searching for an automated solution for your document conversion processes, or whether you will take the much more tedious, manual route, it’s important to learn about your options and see what the industry has to say. Check out the above video and learn more about how Adlib can automate document-to-PDF conversion within your organization through 4 distinct deployment options.

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