Product demo: Applying PDF security

October 16, 2014

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Often in a work environment, certain documents require higher security measures than others. When documents are available in a document repository – SharePoint, for example – users have the ability to set controls on who is allowed to view the documents. Organizations can take this one step further by applying specific security controls to the actual documents themselves, in addition to the controls in the document repository

Applying a password

By applying a password upon opening, only users who have the password will have the ability to open the documents. Regardless of whether the user can view the document in existence in the SharePoint library, they will not be able to open the document without knowledge of the password. Once they type the password into the dialogue box, they will be able to view the file. In addition to preventing an unauthorized user from viewing the document, the content is secured by industry standard encryption of 48 or 128 bits.

Configuring document settings

In addition to applying a password to the document, Adlib PDF gives organizations the ability to control what users see and do once they are in the document. Admins can configure the open view settings so users can only see certain menu options and not others, and configure open bookmarks and the zoom level.

Admins can also configure the strength of the encryption of the document, the password to open the document, and the password to change the security of the document. Printing and editing can also be restricted, in addition to a number of other features.

Watch the product demo

Learn how your organization can set PDF security features to your confidential documents by configuring your transformation and security rules. Watch the product demo here.

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