Multiple Document Assembly to PDF in SharePoint

October 14, 2014

1 minute read

One of the main problems we hear about from customers when discussing document conversion to PDF in SharePoint is the inability to merge multiple documents into a single PDF file. With industry-leading fidelity and accuracy, combined with document assembly tools, we enable organizations to optimize their document-centric processes.

Publishing professional compound documents

There are a lot of uses for document assembly. A few common ones we encounter are preparations for FDA submissions packages, RFPs, board books and legal case files. Creating a single, cohesive PDF file from a collection of documents in different formats – such as Microsoft Word, financial information in Microsoft Excel, engineering data in AutoCAD DWG format and PowerPoint presentations – produces a more professional-looking result, and allows the reader to use the information in a more efficient manner.  The merged PDF file can make it much easier for users to navigate through its contents with the addition of a table of contents and PDF bookmarks for the entire document, and an index of terms used along with a hyperlink to the exact location. Learn more about the publishing features available in this datasheet.

Enabling workflows to assemble documents

Adlib PDF for SharePoint includes a workflow that enables the merging of documents in a document library into a single PDF file.  A “Merge Documents” column is used to include/exclude documents in the library from the merge. A “Merge Order” column is used to define the order of the documents to be merged in the resulting PDF. Using this method, instead of extracting documents from SharePoint to merge them using a desktop application, will make document assembly of SharePoint content much more efficient and reliable. Take a look at this product demo video for more details.

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