How to convert TIFF to PDF

October 21, 2014

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TIFF (tagged image file format) is a computer file format for storing raster graphic images, created in the 1980s with its last update on June 3rd, 1992. It is widely supported by image manipulation applications, publishing and layout applications, and scanning applications. Currently, Adobe Systems holds the copyright to the TIFF specification. TIFF is a popular format for high color-depth images, similar to JPEG or PNG.  Because it is an image format, it is not inherently text searchable, which can make finding the document, or finding content within the document, very difficult.  

Converting TIFF to PDF

Adlib PDF accepts TIFF as both an input and an output file format: TIFF can be converted into PDF and other output file types, and other files types can be converted to TIFF as well. While TIFF files are great for images, the text within those images remains unsearchable, making it hard to index and find specific files or content. Using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, Adlib can render the text within TIFF files searchable when converting to PDF.

TIFF is also a popular format for archiving scanned images, but file sizes are often large and text within images remains unsearchable. Adlib can convert TIFF files to PDF/A, the ISO standard for archiving. PDF/A files have small file sizes so storage isn’t an issue, and the text can be made searchable using OCR software.

Benefits of converting TIFF to PDF with Adlib

Overall, organizations can achieve a number of benefits by converting their TIFF documents to PDF with Adlib PDF:

  • Increased usability and searchability: While the text within TIFF files is not searchable, using Adlib’s Optical Character Recognition software can render that text searchable when converting the files to PDF.
  • More file flexibility with input and output options: Adlib PDF can convert TIFF files into PDF and other formats, and can also convert other file formats into TIFF.
  • Small file sizes for efficient archiving: By converting TIFF files to PDF/A with Adlib, enterprises don’t need to spend resources on additional storage, as PDF/A file sizes are significantly smaller than TIFF.

Does your organization also deal with many other file types including DWG and HTML files? Find out which other file types Adlib can covert to PDF in this datasheet.

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