Adlib heads to IBM Insight 2014 to showcase Advanced Rendering technology

October 24, 2014

1 minute read

Remember those old song lyrics: I can see clearly now the rain is gone…? That’s kind of how we feel about what we bring to document management programs.  And we’re looking forward to discussing what I mean by this at IBM Insight 2014 – starting on Sunday!

Wipe Away the Mist – Have a Good, Clear Look at Your Critical Business Documents

Bringing clarity and control to organizations across industries struggling to manage an increasing volume of complex content, our Advanced Rendering tool enhances Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems like IBM FileNet for effective management of vital business data.  Connect with us at our booth to see a demo of how it works and chat with our PDF experts, and learn about how we integrate with FileNet to enhance document-centric processes.

Bring back to your team the knowledge you need to improve the ingestion, searchability, fidelity and clarity of your critical documents.

Spot the Difference – Compare & Win!

Also – exciting news! – introducing a brand new game at our booth – be the first to Spot the Difference – Compare & Win! What will you be comparing? Let’s just say it’s something that involves high fidelity. We want to leave a little bit of mystery, after all!

We look forward to seeing you at IBM Insight! Don’t forget to reserve your spot.

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