Live Webinar: learn how to gain control of critical documents enterprise wide

November 26, 2014

2 minute read

From aerospace to manufacturing to life sciences to energy, when it comes to documents, it all boils down to the same thing: where are they? What are they? How do we gain control of them? How do we use them to our advantage?

Documentation can be a very powerful thing. It can support the success or the downfall of an organization, large or small. It can mean the difference between getting a product to market now or years from now. If managed appropriately, a company’s documents can be the driving force behind the growth of the business.

So how does one tip the scale? How does an organization ensure useful, high-quality documents are properly processed through the system and able to deliver value? And perhaps just as importantly, how does one do this without draining resources that need to be focused on core business objectives?

Automating Critical Document Processes

The first step is considering automation. There is no substitute for reliable and effective technologies that help you accomplish your goals more efficiently. As an example, let’s say you have multiple regulatory submissions that need to be produced with a number of specific requirements demanded by the regulatory body. Depending on the type and length of the submission, ensuring that these pages and pages and pages of documents meet the stringent requirements of the regulatory body (such as all hyperlinks being blue and margins being a precise width, among many other document enhancements), one submission could require multiple resources, even teams, to work on it. Imagine for a moment if much of this work was automated with a trusted technology? Risk would be reduced (risk of not submitting in time, risk of human error), time would not be lost on other important projects and generally the business process would hum along more efficiently.

Unleash the power of your documents

It’s true. Documents can be powerful. So much so that more and more organizations are investing heavily and wisely in technologies that will help to ensure the effective management of this vital business data. With multiple technologies in play at a single organization, Adlib recognizes the value of partnering with complementary technologies to deliver comprehensive solutions to customers. One of our key partners is Dassault Systèmes, and together we can offer customers quality-based document control enhanced with Advanced Rendering capabilities, which means that you can gain control of critical documents. This integration delivers amazing benefits to organizations. Quality-based document control allows organizations to achieve quality design within the 3DEXPERIENCE business platform in a flexible, electronic change control process which improves collaboration and operational efficiency and enforces compliance in accordance with global standards. Advanced Rendering allows organizations to convert content from multiple sources into more manageable and usable formats to enhance documents and document processing. The combination of these tools delivers an enhanced document production lifecycle by providing automation to help improve efficiency and content accuracy, reduce document rework and ensure compliance with agencies and guidelines.

I encourage you to register for our upcoming webinar, where we will team up with Dassault Systèmes to discuss how we are empowering organizations through automation to increase efficiency, collaboration and compliance across the enterprise.

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