The Gaps in Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Systems: Education Series Video

By Roger Beharry Lall | November 11, 2014

No ECM is complete. While the many systems come very close to providing an end-to-end solution for managing documents, there are often gaps which remain.

In our experience, many of these gaps are around converting content for consumption – focusing on the document if you will. In these cases, many organizations turn to third-party add-ons in order to put the content back into Enterprise Content Management.

And while desktop solutions do exist for converting content, enterprise organizations tend to focus on more server-based high-fidelity solutions so that they can guarantee all of their corporate documents are converted using the same method and are of the same quality.

Watch the video on the gaps in Enterprise Content Management

Completing your ECM with add-ons

When researching document-to-PDF solutions to complement your ECM system, there are a number of features you’ll want to note: enterprise-grade quality, high fidelity, high availability, integration capabilities – the list goes one. Keep in mind that there are literally hundreds of document conversion options out on the market, so be sure to spend the time necessary to find a solution that works for your organization. Check out this infographic which breaks down the different document-to-PDF conversion options available.

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