PDF technology as a strategic business tool: learn more at PDF Days

November 4, 2014

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Does your organization use PDF technology as a strategic tool? Many organizations have realized the need to standardize content as the sheer volume of information, structured and unstructured, as well as the risk that goes along with mass data, continues to grow daily.

Fact: PDF is an internationally recognized standard

Whether you are struggling to archive critical data to be later accessible and easily searched, or you are trying to meet huge regulatory submission mandates, where PDF is the only acceptable format, adopting PDF as part of your regular document management processes should be on your mind. It’s all about standardizing your information. The PDF Association addresses these challenges and delivers a lot of great information and events to answer burning questions about the value of PDF.

With the explosion in data – from Word documents to CAD drawings to social media to emails and beyond, many organizations have gone one step further: they know the value of PDF. They need automated PDF. Manual intervention was taking too much precious time away from core business projects. This is where a company like Adlib comes in. Our Advanced Rendering tool automatically takes data from a wide variety of sources and converts it to PDF for high-fidelity trustworthy output.

PDF Days – D.C. and NYC!

With our CEO, Peter Duff, serving as the PDF Association’s Vice-Chair, we tend to be on the cutting-edge of PDF technology.  We’re hyper-aware of new trends and technologies and how our Advanced Rendering tool fits with all of it. So we will be attending the PDF Association’s PDF Days as a Gold sponsor in both Washington, D.C. and New York City.  At these events, I’ll be joining Peter in delivering a presentation to delegates discussing the applications of PDF technology and how it provides unique business value to organizations. I really encourage you to attend as we uncover some of the issues around ‘dark data’. 

These are events that are purely for education – come on out and learn what you can do with PDF technology and how it can help you become more efficient and effective at what you do. Check out the agendas for D.C. and NYC here.

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