Leveraging Technologies for Wide-Spread Advantages

November 14, 2014

1 minute read

Green with Envy

So maybe you have BIOVIA, with an Advanced Rendering integration in place. Compliance and archiving processes are running smoothly in your department. You are collaborating with colleagues effortlessly on content you can control. You are a happy camper. But what about the other guys? Suppose workers in other departments could access the same files just as effortlessly? Suppose the entire organization could search, access, find the content they need, all at the touch of a button? We don’t want to make them too jealous…

Let’s be nice. Let’s spread the wealth. Let’s help the entire organization, and not just one department, be as efficient as possible in order to drive business growth and in many cases speed up time to market for scientific manufactured products, for example.

Leveraging technologies across the enterprise just makes sense

With a Shared Services approach, a BIOVIA/Adlib integration can ensure that quality management and document transformation processes are extended to the entire enterprise, allowing multiple teams, regardless of location, to access the data they need without time-consuming phone calls and emails in search of the information. A few of the benefits of this common platform approach include:

  • The ability to merge and create compound documents across repositories
  • The collection of content from various sources with a watched folder approach, allowing individuals to send critical business data to one centralized tool for rendering
  • The extension of the quality management capabilities of BIOVIA into new departments with the core Advanced Rendering tool already in place

Enterprise-wide deployment of technologies is the only way to ensure that all of your content is controlled and leveraged for business development. Learn more about the unlimited possibilities of an enterprise-wide deployment of BIOVIA enhanced with Advanced Rendering in a live webinar, coming up next week. We look forward to connecting with you!

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